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Who is Cooking Ah Pa?

First of all, I'm not a professional chef, I'm just a normal dad who cooks for my family. As a home cook, the biggest problem for us is always to think of what to cook tonight. That's the reason why I started this channel, that is to provide and share cooking ideas with all of you. My food may not be perfect but I hope I can inspire more people to cook at home more frequently. Read

What is the most important factor in home cooking?

A heart wanting the family to eat something healthier.

What type of food and dishes you do share?

I usually cook Malaysian food mainly local traditional Chinese food, Malay food and Indian food. Many of my followers always pm Ah Pa to help re-creating some old and traditional dishes their grandma used to cook for them, so I guess Ah Pa is more traditional styled. There are also request from followers wanting to learn Japanese food, Italian food and even Mexican food. I am learning them at the moment and will definitely share these food once I am more prepared. Always no harm to have more varieties in the kitchen. Read

What are the future plans on the varieties of new recipes?

So far, Ah Pa is more inclined to traditional recipes, but Ah Pa will try to include more varieties in this channel in the future such as follows: Pancake recipe, cookie recipes, salad recipes, cheesecake recipe, chocolate cake recipe, lasagna recipe, cupcake recipe, cake recipe, chicken recipes, pizza recipe, spaghetti recipe, bread recipes, muffin recipe, egg recipes, healthy recipes, soup recipe, dessert recipe and even sushi recipes. I will try to meet followers demand once I am prepared. Some of them are already available in my youtube channel and my website. Please check them out from time to time. Read

I cannot find the recipe I want. What should i do?

You can always fill up the demand form here. If there are many of such demand, I may consider doing a video about it.

Do you cook healthy food?

I don’t use MSG, chicken powder and etc. I always encourage to use natural flavouring, such as making chicken or pork broth, homemade fish powder and mushroom powders. Read

Are there any vegetable dishes for vegetarians?

I noticed there are different definitions when it comes to the word “vegetarian”, some regards eggs and garlic as non-vegetarian, but some finds them ok. Let’s not argue on this and I will put a folder for vegetable dishes, and whenever u dun take eggs or garlic, just omit them but using the same recipe. Read

What are the equipment Cooking Ah Pa is using?

I have received a lot of enquiries for equipment I am using to cook or even to make videos. To make things simple, I have set up a specific section on this website listing out all equipment I am using for my kitchen and also the equipments/gadgets to film my youtube videos. Click here. Read

Can i share your website content to my website?

Yes you can, but please mention the content is from in your website and provide a backlink back to website. Read

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Nisha Surail

Ah Pah, Really super yummy... going to tryso testy vagitarion reacipe... thx

Taiki’s Kitchen

Hello cooking Ah Pa. Your spinach cooking video looks very delicicius! I love vagetables as well as you! Thank you for the wonderful video.

Dolores Mapili

The old time cook use whatever is handy. They are so good the results are excellent.

May Kong

Thank you Ah Pa for showing over you tube your cooking. Enjoy watching and you give me a lot of ideas and tips. Your family is so blessed


I am the only one who is crazy about this awesome vege, so i can have it all to myself. Thank you for the simple but tasty recipe, Ah Pa. We can sometimes find it here.