Cooking Ah Pa

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Teo Chew Pomfret Fish Porridge 潮州鲳鱼粥

Cooking Time: 10 Minutes

Dificulty: Easy



Golden/White pomfret fish (cut into small cutlets, marinated with salt and a little bit of corn starch)

White rice (cooked)

Dried shrimp (soaked in water)

Dried squid (soaked in water)

Tung choy (preserved veggie)

Garlic oil

1 bowl of pork stock/chicken stock

Julienne ginger

Root of cilantro

Salt and sugar

White pepper

Few drops of sesame oil


1. Heat up a wok of hot oil in high heat. Deep fry the fish 7-8 minutes.

2. Put in garlic oil in a wok. Stir fry dried shrimp and dried squid. Put in a little bit tung choy. Stir.

3. Add in pork stock. Insert the water of dried shrimp and dried squid. Add in hot water.

4. Toss in fresh pomfret fish. Close the lid and let it boil.

5.  Put in the cooked rice. Add in julienne ginger and root of cilantro.

6. Do seasoning with a pinch of salt followed by sugar, white pepper, and sesame oil.

7. Put in deep fried fish, tung choy, julienne ginger, some fresh coriander and a little bit of white pepper before serve it.