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CNY Recipes | Fried Pomfret with Sweet and Sour Sauce | 酸甜黑鲳

Cooking Time: 10 Minutes

Dificulty: Easy



1 900 g black pomfret fish 

1 tomato (cut into smaller pieces)

1/2 a big onion (cut into smaller pieces)

1 teaspoon chopped garlic

1 teaspoon chopped ginger

3 tablespoons tomato sauce

3 tablespoons white vinegar

3 tablespoons sugar

6 tablespoons water


1. Rub salt on the fish and cut a few slits on the body of the fish.

TIPS: Use a wet towel to wipe the moisture on the fish body.

2. Pour enough oil in a pot for deep frying the fish. Slowly raise the oil temperature to high heat (180-degree Celcius). Deep fry the fish on one side for a minimum of 5 minutes before flipping it over. Then deep fry the other side for another 5 minutes. Remove the fish and set it aside.

3. Pour some oil in a wok and slowly raise the temperature. Saute chopped garlic and ginger. Then add the big onion and tomatoes. Stir well.

4. Stir fry the tomato sauce with some oil to bring out the color. Add this to the other ingredients in the wok.

5. Add sugar and water. Mix well.

6. Add white vinegar and stir to combine.

7. Your sauce is ready. Pour this sauce on the fish and serve hot.