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CNY Recipe - Secrets to Teochew Steamed Fish 年菜 - 潮州蒸鱼

Cooking Time: 10 Minutes

Dificulty: Easy



1 fresh snapper (washed, descaled, gutted, cut a few slits on the body and marinate with salt)

Salted mustard greens

Shiitake mushrooms (soaked with middle stems removed)

1 tomato (diced)

1 tofu

Red chillies slices

Ginger slices


Roast pork/pork belly

Fried pork lard (optional)

1 cup of chicken stock


1. Bring the water in a steamer to a boil. Place the fish into the steamer and steam under high heat for 3-4 minutes. Remove the fish and discard the fishy water pooled under it.

2. Put a few slices of ginger on a plate. Put the steamed fish on top of the ginger slices. Lay some ginger slices on top of the fish and stuff some inside the fish cavity as well.

3. Next arrange the tofu, mushrooms, roast pork, pork lard, tomatoes, salted mustard greens, red chillies and coriander around the fish. Add chicken stock. Sprinkle a bit of salt plus a few dashes of white pepper over everything.

4. Put the fish together with the other ingredients in the steamer for a second time. Close the lid and let it steam for 8 minutes under high heat.

TIPS: Use a chopstick to pierce through the fish to check if it is cooked or not.

5. Take the fish out carefully and garnish with red chillies, coriander and fried garlic (optional). Drizzle with garlic oil and serve hot.