Cooking Ah Pa

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All-in-one Fish Pot

Cooking Time: 10 Minutes

Dificulty: Easy



1/2 Wau Siakap fish

Fish head

Fish bone



Broth (chicken/pork)

2 tablespoons of dried fish powder (dried fish that fried and blended)

Oyster sauce

Soya sauce

Salt and sugar

White pepper

Tofu (cut into thin slices/cubes)

2 tablespoons of garlic oil

Steamed rice (steamed for 15 minutes)

Kinoko mushroom



1. Pour some oil in a pan and slowly raise the heat. Stir fry the ginger and garlic.

2. Add in fish head and fish bone. Stir it and let it pan fry for a couple of minutes.

TIPS: Do not worry about the "char". It will make the soup to taste good later.

3. Put in hot water and broth. Close the lid and let it boil for a couple of minutes until the soup turn into white colour (7-8 minutes).

4. Put in oyster sauce, dried fish powder, soya sauce, salt, sugar and white pepper for seasoning.

TIPS: Amount of salt equals to amount of sugar.

5. Put in the fish, tofu and garlic oil. Cover with a lid and let it boil for 3-4 minutes.

TIPS: Garlic oil can be kept in fridge for 2-3 weeks.

6. Put in the prawns and kinoko mushroom. Close the lid and let it boil for another 2-3 minute.

7. All-in-one fish pot dish is now ready to be served.